What is the Nonsensical?

[non-sen-si-kuh l]


1. conceived or made without regard for reason or reality
    synonyms: absurd, bizarre, crazy, fanciful, foolish, insane, fantastic, preposterous, unreal, wild

2. showing or marked by a lack of good sense or judgment
    synonyms: absurd, crazy, fool, half-baked, kooky, preposterous, silly, wacky, zany


Starting your own business can be confusing, overwhelming – completely, and utterly, nonsensical.

The Nonsensical uses creativity to bridge between business and psychology. Targeted at entrepreneurs and small business owners, our goal is to empower and enable society through basic psychology principles.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: AMY CHOWheader-underline


Just your average awkward, ‘smashed avo’-obsessed Gen-Y

I have experience in organisational development, learning and development, project management, and change management. I am extremely passionate about digital disruption, small business, and improving the human experience.

I am legitimately emotionally invested in sport.
The game, the rules, the stats. All of it.
I love it.

I enjoy constantly learning, either through reading or experiences.
Travel is exceptional and Japan is a deadset dream.

Change is good.